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To hell with reality! I want to die in music, not in reason or in prose.

Music: Gateway to the Soul

20 November 1988
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1800s london, 60s music, 70s music, 80s music, acting, action movies, adam sandler movies, aladdin, anything artistic, ashley, atlantis, atumun days, autumn nights, avenue q!, band competitions, beatles, beauty and the beast, bee gees, being different, being myself, billy boyd, black lights, bombay dreams, books, bowling for soup, boy from oz, broadway, chatting, cleaning, coffee, coffee houses, color guard, comedians, comedy movies, competitions, computer games, counting crows, dancing, day-dreaming, defying gravity, disney movies, dominic monaghan, doodling, drawing, dreaming, eagles, edgar allan poe, elise, england, exploding milk cartons, faded jeans, finding nemo, foggy mornings, foggy nights, football games, friends, good books, good friends, good movies, harry potter, having parties, helping others, hercules, hot cocoa, hugh jackman, independence, internet, jack the ripper, jelly beans, jim carrey, jimi hendrix, josh groban, late night talks, laughing, led zepplin, les miserables, libraries, life, lifesavers, little mermaid, little shop of horrors, long walks, lord of the rings, loud music, love poems, love songs, love stories, loving, m&m's, moulin rouge, murder mysteries, music, musical theatre, musicals, neopets, nightime, norbert leo butz, old school rock, painting, phantom of the opera, poetry, rainy days, rainy nights, reading, robin williams, role playing, ryan cabrera, sarcasm, school of rock, sean astin, short trips, singing, skittles, sleeping, smiling, smurfs, sneaking around, snow, spanish, star wars, starbucks, staying up late, strobe lights, sudden inspiration, tea time, theatre, thinking, time away, true friendship, typing, uniqueness, useless information, vampire movies, van helsing, vintage stuff, walking down main street, weekends, wicked parties, wicked the musical, winter days, winter nights, wondering, writing